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Our story

At Far Out Drinks Co. We search every corner of the globe in a quest to find incredible drinks. A lot of times those special drinks are deeply rooted in the culture where they originated. Years and years of tradition shaping it into what it has become today. And sometimes being brave enough to break with those traditions turning a classic into something special. There is so much to discover, taking you along with us and sharing these stories is what gets us going!

Selection of drinks

Our selection of drinks is based on craftsmanship, authenticity and the element of surprise. Being surprised, good or bad, can create unforgettable moments. Our selection consists of drinks you might know or stuff you have never heard of before.

Making sure you know what's up

At Far Out Drinks Co. we love to be surprised by those drinks that are different. There is always a great story about why that is. A true craftsman working on their product, tweaking it and finetuning it to perfection. Those stories deserve to be told, making the whole chain of production and supply as transparent as possible. We travel, meet and interview the producers and make sure you can have the full experience of visiting a producers and understand their whole story!

Joey Rietveld
I can get so excited when I have sip of a drink I thought I knew, but it offers me something totally unexpected. There is always a story about why that is. I love to discover and share those stories with everyone.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by people who are living their best life! People who do what they love. True passion, determination and with a unique kind of calmness over them that shows that they know what they are doing and are entirely comfortable in their surroundings. We like to think it’s a bit like surfing. Seeing what is out there, waiting for the right moment and making the best of what is given to them. And when the day is over, always ending it with a smile.


We love to discover the stories behind the drinks, the people behind the drinks that work so hard to make it the best it can be. Sharing those stories, making the whole chain of production transparent and making the people enjoying those drinks appreciate it for what it is. Showing the true value of the things we pour into our glasses. 

Core Values

Craftsmanship – Made to the highest of quality with great care, love and attention
Authenticity – Originating from heritage, rooted in culture and with a great story to tell
Transparency – Appreciating true value by telling the whole story from start to finish
Element of surprise – Being surprised, good or bad, can create unforgettable moments

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